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Due to the rise in cybercrime and hybrid working it has never been more of a priority to keep your networks, devices and data safe. In 2020, four in ten businesses identified experiencing a cybersecurity breach1. Many of these reported that this had a negative effect on their organisation. However, it is not clear the number of hidden cyber-attacks that remain unidentified and continue to cause untold damage.

 To combat known and unknown threats, it is important to implement a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity. Utilising an array of IT security solutions means if there is a breach within your network your other defences can act as a failsafe. This means that the survival of your business isn’t reliant on one security solution. With small and medium organisations quickly becoming the most lucrative targets for cybercriminals, the case for taking a holistic approach to cybersecurity is hard to ignore.

Protect your data, networks and devices with our expert cybersecurity solutions for business and schools

From managed IT support to modern cybersecurity awareness training, NCI Technologies is the expert team to help implement a multi-layered cybersecurity approach. Our proactive 24/7 IT security monitoring, expert technical advice and access to advanced security products will offer you complete peace-of-mind. Our services include:

> Cybersecurity services

Our cybersecurity services have been carefully selected to provide a high level of cyber protection at a price suitable for small businesses and schools. Cybersecurity may sound complicated but it doesn't have to be. Our goal is to remove any complexity by providing a range of managed services that reduce the likelihood of downtime, financial loss, data loss and potential damage to your organisation’s reputation.

Our cybersecurity services include:

> Cybersecurity risk assessment (currently free of charge)
> Securing home workers
> User security and awareness training
> Email security and email threat protection
> Network security
> Endpoint security
> Next-Gen firewall and intrusion prevention
> Multi-factor authentication
> Real-time monitoring
> Data protection
> Zero Trust Security Suite - application whitelisting
> Cloud backup and disaster recovery


cybersecurity services from NCI Technologies


> Cyber Essentials certification

Achieving the Cyber Essentials certification is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your organisation’s cybersecurity. Cyber Essentials is fast becoming a requirement when tendering for public sector contracts, funding and even applying for cyber insurance. Our cybersecurity experts will help guide you through the process, remedying any gaps within your cybersecurity to ensure you are Cyber Essentials ready.

> Staff cybersecurity awareness training

Human error is the biggest risk factor in a business being targeted by cybercrime. 91% of successful data breaches stem from a single phishing attack.2 We provide relevant, modern and engaging training that educates users to make smarter security decisions, helping to protect your data and devices. Our training is delivered in short and relevant bite-sized chunks, ensuring knowledge is retained and good cyber habits are developed.

> Cybersecurity reviews

Our comprehensive virtual cybersecurity review provides a snapshot of your organisation’s current cybersecurity posture and your ability to protect yourself from potential cyber threats. Once completed, a digital report will be securely sent to you and our cybersecurity experts will be on hand to discuss the results. Help secure your business by claiming your free cybersecurity review below.

Claim your free cybersecurity review today!

Are you ready to secure your organisation against advanced cyber-attacks?

NCI Technologies is an experienced cybersecurity provider for both business and schools. Based in Penryn, we deliver expert IT support and telecoms solutions across Cornwall, Devon and the South-West. Partnering with leading IT security vendors we deliver a layered approach to cybersecurity, helping to protect your organisation from advanced cyber threats. For more information on our cybersecurity support contact our friendly sales team today.