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The virtual reality classroom is defining new ways to engage students, increase understanding and improve knowledge retention.  Groundbreaking Virtual Reality in education and Augmented Reality Technology delivers learning that is an exciting and truly immersive experience, whilst ensuring it is fully managed and controlled within the classroom.

The world's first all-in-one VR kit designed just for the classroom includes:

VR Benefits Icons

We remember 90% of what we experience

This amazing innovative technology means that from a safe classroom environment a whole new level of learning can be explored. For example, students can look inside a blood vessel, travel through the body, swim the depths of the ocean or bounce across the surfaces of the moon with an empowered 360 degree view.

Virtual reality in education empowers learning and retention works through 'saying and doing' - the most powerful way to remember!

  • Easy for children to use

  • Teacher-led with simple web controls to manage all headsets - using the award winning ClassConnect

VR Image Collage

Introduce the magic of VR to your classroom with this great value bundle

TectusVR Package

The TectusVR 36 mobile storage, charger and cleaner trolley comes standard with the Class Set of 30 headsets and will store up to 36 headsets. It innovative and industry exclusive design includes and Ultraviolet cleaning feature. – the last two paragraphs are fine

TectusVR 36 has fully integrated charging components and 36 pre-wired USB cables allowing charging of ClassVR and other headsets. The easy access drawers have the capacity to charge 12 headsets and each one is independently lockable.

Ergonomic handles and sturdy castors make it easy to move around the school and integrated active cooling reduces device temperatures whilst charging, helping to prolong battery life.

Automated Headset Cleansing

All TectusVR 36 units include a revolutionary sanitising feature, UVr™. Headsets placed in the unit are exposed to a continuous stream of antimicrobial Ultra Violet light, which helps reduce the formation of a wide range of bacterial and fungal pathogens, keeping the headsets clean and ready for shared use.

Take advantage of our great value Avantis ClassVR Classroom set of 30!

NCI is able to offer a great value bundle including the TectusVR 36 mobile cabinet and 30 ClassVR headsets for only £8499 plus VAT.**  

Add ons

To make the most of your purchase training is available at an additional cost.
  • ClassVR SetUp and Training - £499 + vat
  • ClassVR Remote Set Up and Training - £299 + vat
  • Primary School Annual Portal Site License - £299 + vat
  • Secondary School Annual Portal Site License - £499 + vat
Interested? Simply call 01326 379 497 or email

* ClassVR bundle ships with 30 headsets.
** This special offer bundle allows different quantities of VR headsets to be purchased up to the number of 36 depending on your class size. Please contact us for a customised quote.


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