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Improve Customer Service Satisfaction with 3CX Call Queues

Are you wondering how 3CX VoIP phone systems could improve customer satisfaction? Read our blog to find out how this business boosting telecoms solution has helped us to improve our customer service for inbound calls.


Six Top Tips On How to Manage Work-Life Balance as a Remote Worker

We welcome this months guest blogger, Adrianna Kenyon, who shares with us her six top tips on how to manage work-life balance as a remote worker.


How 3CX Telecoms Support NCI Remote Workers

Are you wondering how 3CX VoIP phone systems could make a difference to your organisation? Read our blog to find out how this business boosting telecoms solution is contributing to the success of our remote workers and how the future of telecoms is benefitting NCI Technologies.


Why a 3CX Phone System Could be Better for your Business

Are you looking to replace your current outdated telephone system for something that can meet the changing needs of your business and empowers your employees to help your business grow? Look no further and read our blog on the new 3CX VoIP phone system that can help cut your business telephpone cost by up to 80%.


Why Every Business Needs a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Are you confused when it comes to backup and disaster recovery for your business? Do you not really understand what it is or why you should have it in place? We have created this quick and simple blog on BDR and why it is so important to have a reliable solution in place.


Top Tips On Creating And Managing Passwords

Struggling with the minefield that can be creating strong passwords and then managing the sheer quantity of them we use in daily life at home and at work? Fear not! We have some handy tips and advice on ensuring your passwords are secure and your SME’s data is kept safe. Read on to find out more!


3CX Unified Communications

Find out how 3CX unified Communications can play an important role in boosting productivity by offering greater mobility, enabling collaboration and saving employees’ time. With features such as presence, softphones, and video conferencing, employees can use their time more productively and communicate with their colleagues and customers more easily.


Recommended Apps for Learning for those with Disabilities

It's well known that there is no shortage of learning applications to benefit those with disabilities, but here we have listed our top recommended applications for those with a learning or physical impairment. In this list you'll find learning apps for those who are visually impaired, who are autistic or dyslexic.


How to Prevent Hackers Hacking your Facebook Account

For many Facebook is part of our daily life where we interact with friends and family. If your Facebook account gets hacked it can be a frustrating or even an humiliating experience where reputations can be damaged and even cost you money. To avoid your account being hacked read our top tips!


Ransomware On The Rise

Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent and costly. 96% of organisations don't feel confident in their ability to avoid the high impact of these attacks. Read our Ransomware fact sheet that highlights the realities of the dangers it presents.


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