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Podcast 2: Cyber Security for the workplace

Welcome to the second episode of our new podcast 'NCITechcast' where we discuss the latest IT news and views that all small to medium businesses need to know. In this month's episode we discuss cyber security in the workplace.


Podcast 1: Good Cyber Security Starts at Home

Welcome to our new podcast 'NCITechcast' where we discuss the latest IT news and views that all small to medium businesses need to know. Tune in now!


How Not To Get Hooked By Phishing

Have you heard of Phishing but are not quite sure what it is all about? Read our latest blog that discusses Email Phishing and Spear Phishing attacks and how you can keep your organisation safe!


Six Reasons to Outsource your IT Support

Are you struggling to stay on top of IT issues while focusing on the day-to-day running of your business? It could work out cheaper and more productive to hand the hassle over to a team of IT experts. Read on to find out the six top benefits of outsourcing your IT support.


How to Simply Switch to a 3CX VoIP Phone System

Are you thinking of switching to a 3CX VoIP phone system but have concerns about how easy it is to switch or how the process will affect your business? Read our step by step 3CX switchover process to find out how easy it really is!


7 Data Security Measures All Businesses Should Take

This October celebrates #CyberSecMonth! So this seemed like a perfect time to discuss how small to medium businesses can protect their organisation's data and networks with these 7 simple steps.


How Microsoft Teams is making our Sales Team the Super Team!

Have you heard of Microsoft Teams? Find out how this collaboration software is helping NCI Technologies to communicate more effectively and is helping us to work better together.


Staying Vigilant as Ransomware Becomes More Targeted and Frequent

We welcome this month’s guest blogger, StorageCraft, who share with us their expertise on how organisations can be proactive in the fight against Ransomware as the threat level increases.


Improve Customer Service Satisfaction with 3CX Call Queues

Are you wondering how 3CX VoIP phone systems could improve customer satisfaction? Read our blog to find out how this business boosting telecoms solution has helped us to improve our customer service for inbound calls.


Six Top Tips On How to Manage Work-Life Balance as a Remote Worker

We welcome this months guest blogger, Adrianna Kenyon, who shares with us her six top tips on how to manage work-life balance as a remote worker.


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