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Director of NCI, Falklands veteran Andy Trish returns bearing Computer gifts.

On Wednesday 5th Feb, Andy Trish is heading off from Cornwall on what will be over a 28 hour journey through RAF Brize Norton, to the Ascencion Islands and finally on to the Falkland Islands. a total of 19 hours flying.


The danger of sending photo’s from your phone

The latest phones on the market now compete to have the best cameras and video facilities. Each device having bigger storage capacity and unlimited access to the internet with great links to social media sites such as facebook, Twitter etc. But have you considered the dangers associated with sending photo’s from a mobile phone?


Google – a faceless giant

Google’s search engine is great, whenever you have a question or need information on a subject simply type in the words or a phrase into the Google Search engine and you’ll get an answer – except how to speak with someone in Google about a problem with their search engine.


Beware on Facebook! – Who really pockets as your heart strings are tugged?

I’m going to ask all my friends, and their friends to consider carefully the effects of their naturally caring and giving characters when on Facebook. Here’s why…


Is your software licensing correct?

As a business owner/manager this is one article you may wish to spend time reading this.

Software licensing is very often not taken seriously when it comes to the day to day running of your work, but without it you may well not be in business. Software is written by people to help you achieve your tasks, to grow and to flourish, but all to often the importance of paying for it is disregarded as less important.


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